Athletic Equipments

Rubber Weight Plates

  • Weghts
  • Black - 10lb, 15lb, 25lb, 35lb, 45lb
  • Green - 10lb
  • Yellow - 25lb
  • Blue - 35lb
  • Red - 45lb
  • Custom Logos and Lettering Available!
  • Smooth, Solid Rubber
  • All Plates are 18" Diameter for Superb Stability During Use
  • Aesthetic, Durable, Long Lasting
  • Better Quality Rubber at a Lower Price
  • Safer than Rubber Coated or Metal Plates
  • Less Noisy than Rubber Coated or Metal Plates
  • Less Damage to Exercise Floors
  • Less Damage to Equipment
  • UV-Inhibited Rubber Compound Resists Fading
  • Weight meets Industry Standards
  • Field-tested by Major Exercise Companies and Universities in the US

Medicine Balls

These fitness balls are compact and great tools for toning the body or for isolating and toning individual muscles. They are versatile and can be added to almost any routine. Medicine balls have a lively bounce - they're excellent for individual training. Our medicine balls are effective for explosive work in close quarters. Medicine balls are easy to catch, throw, and bounce. They are easy to grip and are perfect for throwing or using as dumbbells.

Our medicine balls are made from a special blend of rubber designed in-house for excellent bounce and awesome durability. The proprietary formula keeps them colorfast and resilient throughout frequent use. Don't forget the customized storage/display racks!

Fitness Accessories

Saddle, Roller Pads, Cable Ball Stop, Bumper Stop, Grip, Footpads, Rings, Bumpers

Many other custom accessories are available. We welcome new designs! Let us quote your specialty item. Each of our customers is unique, and so are the products they require. We can create a custom product for you from a photo, sketch or schematic. Let our OEM team go to work for you.

Our team of skilled workers can create a specialty product to satisfy the needs of the most discerning customers. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us today.