Technical Specifications

Installation Guide

The recycled rubber Cycle Lane helps delineate vehicle traffic from cyclists. This solution has a unique profile: it is slanted on one side to help divert cyclists back into the bicycle path; on the other side it is perpendicular to the road preventing vehicle traffic from entering.

Cycle Lane Features

Manufactured from high-impact recycled rubber , the Cycle Lane solution is highly visible, durable, and easy-to-install. Unlike other delineation devices, the bike lane was designed for ultimate safety and protection of road cyclists .

This solution helps facilitate faster and safer commuting for all. By creating a physical barrier for bike lane traffic, both drivers and cyclists no longer have to worry about colliding with one another while in transit.

Ideal for municipal roadways and HOA's, bicycle paths can now be protected with confidence and ease.

Highly reflective striping is available in white.

Cycle Lane Delineators are:

  • Bicycle Lane Delineators Made from 100% recycled rubber
  • Long lasting and cost-efficient
  • Cycle Lane Separators Ideal for municipal roadways and HOA's
  • Highly visible at night
  • Quick and simple-to-install (does not require heavy machinery)
  • Suitable for permanent or temporary installation
  • Will not crack, chip, rot, or fade

Installation locations:

  • Municipal roadways
  • HOA's / private communities
  • University campuses