Please Note -- All Traffic Drums meet the crashworthy requirements of NCHRP-350

Traffic &Construction Safety Devices are proud to present one of the most durable, highest quality Channelizer Drums available today.

Generation IV Channelizer Drum.

Generation IV Channelizer Drum is manufactured from tough, reboundable plastic. Available in either low density (soft) or high density (hard) polyethylene, the Channelizer Drum is made to bounce back after repeated impacts.

You might consider Tire Ring Rubber Base made from truck tire sidewall sections. It's economical and easy to use and provides all the ballast you'll need to hold a drum in place, even in the windiest and harshest weather conditions.

Is your job-site or storage yard filled with torn, broken, faded or otherwise unusable drums?

Since 1987, our company has been providing their customers with the most value for their channelizer drum dollars. At our company, we use only the highest grade plastic resins to manufacture our drums. Our drum tops and bases are designed to "break-away" rather than break upon impact.

Manufactured out of 100% post consumer recycled rubber and weighing 25 pounds, the "ROAD RUBBER" Channelizer Base meets all state and federal specifications and fits ALL Traffic Model 18000 Two Piece Channelizer Drums.

Here is a Traffic drum top that has been impacted and appears crushed and unusable. Notice that it is not torn or broken but simply "flattened out." With most other manufacturers' products, this top would be added to the "drum grave- yard" pictured above.


Our company uses only top quality plastic resins and has engineered their drums to be reshaped after most impacts. By applying simple hand pres- sure to the dented areas, most drums can be reshaped into their original form and reused.


This previously crushed drum has been snap-locked to its base and is ready to be put back on the job . Remember, every channelizer drum that you can salvage and reuse saves you money and keeps it out of landfills.