Fiberglass Snow Pole Installation

1. Exceptional Versatility - Snow pole brackets fit two different size snow poles and three different fiberglass marker posts, on both sides. Snow poles are flat on both sides so reflective sheeting may be applied to both sides for safety.

2. Economics - Snow pole brackets have been reduced in once again this year. Economically priced and reusable year alter year without corrosion or wearing out.

3. InstallatIon Slip a bracket over the top of a snow pole than slide the bracket over the marker post, a couple of turns with a hex driver will secure the bracket to the snow pole and marker post simultaneously. No holes to drill, no alignment necessary from last year and no lest hardware. A single hex screwdriver may be used to install snow pole brackets by unskilled personnel. Installation is last, therefore reducing exposure time to oncoming traffic. Neither the integrity of the snow pole or the marker post is compromised with drilled holes. The bracket is designed so the retainer brackets and hardware stay with the brackets.

4. Durability - The brackets are made of .06 thick, 304 stainless steel. The hardware is also stainless steel so there is no plating or paint to wear or causing the brackets to corrode.

5. Aesthetically - snow pole brackets mounted to snow poles has the most clean durable appearance of any product on the market. They mount on the back side of a marker post so reflective sheeting or trail numbers may be read from the front.

6. Vandalism - Minimized by the use of stainless steel button head cap screws to provide a level of tamper resistance

Fiberglass Snow Poles SP18

Fiberglass Snow Poles SP31

Fiberglass Snow Poles SP38