Fiberglass Snow Poles SP31

Poles and Posts Have Other Applications

  • Mark water pipes and ditch drainage
  • Identify electrical junction boxes
  • Locate fire hydrants
  • Mark chair lift lines

Fiberglass Snow Pole Properties
Fiberglass Snow Pole Installation

This ellipse fiberglass snow pole is designed for more stiffness
Composite fiberglass snowploes and marker posts improve trail, cross country skiers, snowshoers and snowmobiles. The one piece poles are designed for either direct burial or for attachment to our snow pole delineator marker posts. Snow poles and marker posts are available in three standard cross sections and in multiple lengths. All posts have radius edges and beveled corners to accommodate easy installation into the ground or our adapter brackets.

Two flat area is designed as a mounting surface, able to accept common fasners for quick installation.

Safety Orange for the best visibility
Fiberglass snow poles are produced in a bright, safety orange color with ultra violet stabilizer for color retention. Incresed visability of option reflective sheeting is enhanced when wrapping onto the pole piremeter.