Grabber Vertical Panel Barricades

The upper portion of the barricade is made from specially formulated flexible polyethylene plastic.

It's reboundable, reshapeable and will absorb repeated impacts.

What this means to you is no more broken wood or plastic stems, bent metal pieces, nails or any other fasteners.

It also eliminates painting and minimizes refurbishing of wooden barricades - saving you both time and money.

The base is made from100% recycled rubber and weighs 30 lbs.

Ideal for high speed applications and windy conditions, this base eliminates the need for sandbags and will not "walk" or tip. Its narrow rectangular design is perfect for applications where space is a concern.

Its easy grip handle lets you carry the base with ease.

A 16 lb. base is also available for lower speed applications.

The entire Grabber Vertical Panel Barricade is 100% recyclable.

Manufactured from recycled materials, (over 90% by weight with 30 lb. base) this barricade meets Federal M.U.T.C.D. standards.

Grabber Vertical Panel Barricades come in a variety of sizes and messages. The vertical panels can be applied to one or two sides of the cone.

8''x36'' Grabber Vertical Panel Barricades with messages and 16 lb. recycled rubber bases. Contact us for complete list of available legends

Stackable Stem

The Grabber VerticalPanel Barricade stem with its flexible plastic panels, can be stacked for storage as well as transporting to and from the job site.

Grabber Handle

Convenient handle design allows for easy movement and placement of vertical panel barricade.