Plastic, Fiberglass Snow Poles

Plastic Snow Poles & Fiberglass Snow Poles
Snow Poles Show the Way, Day & Night keeps vehicles on the road
Wether it's a Plastic reinforced snow pole or a Fiberglass, (delineator mounted) snow pole, we have the right product for the job.

Warn Skiers & Snowshoers of Approaching Hazards and Closed Areas

Standard Plastic Snow Pole Model TC -639 is highly visible from a distance. The colors used stand out on overcast and snowy winter days. Plastic snow poles feature solid colors throughout the body. Some new poles employ Hi-Viz fluorescent colors. Poles give winter outdoors men warning of closed areas and hazards.

Reduce Damage while Plowing
Snow Poles provide a way for Plow Operators to know what they are coming up on that may be hidden by snow like guardrails. Round Snow Poles offer an angle of approach marking visibility, unlike thin warning strips. Reflective sheeting can be added for extra nighttime visibility.

Snow Poles are a great Value
Snow Poles and Posts are cost effective and long lasting. They are more economical than wood and other commonly used material because they last longer. Plastic styles use honeycomb cross-sections for durability and light weight. All poles are engineered for cold temperature impact resistance.

Poles and Posts Have Other Applications

  • Mark water pipes and ditch drainage
  • Identify electrical junction boxes
  • Locate fire hydrants
  • Set recreational race courses
  • Mark Alpine Ski trails
  • Anchor advertising banners and warning signs
  • Prop up warring fences
  • Mark chair lift lines

Fiberglass Snow Poles SP18

Fiberglass Snow Poles SP31

Fiberglass Snow Poles SP38