Plastic Snow Pole Installation

Snow Poles and Posts Models TC3639 and TC2549 Installation Procedures

(A) With Metal Delineator Posts
1) Slide snow pole down into "U" channel of post a minimum of 12 inches, or all the way to the ground.
2) Secure pole to post with wire, 2 screws, or 2 nails.
3) Pole should extend 6 feet above delineator post.

(B) With Flexible Delineator Posts
1) Work bottom end into ground at base of flexible post.
2) Secure pole to post with nylon ties in two places.
3) Pole should extend 6 feet above delineator post.

(C) On Wooden Guardrail Posts
1) Install 2 pipe bracket holders loosely at least 6 inches apart on front side of post block or post.
2) Slide snow pole down through pipe brackets so that bottom end extends beyond lowest bracket.
3) Tighten screws or nails on bracket securely into post.
4) Pole should extend 6 feet above guard rail post.

(D) To Fire Hydrants & Power Boxes
1) Drill 2 holes through snow pole approximately 1/2 way up the height of the hydrant or power box.
2) Place pole such that at least 2 feet of the pole is against the hydrant or box.
3) Secure pole with 36 inch nylon ties, 2 holes drilled through snow pole.
4) Pole should extend 6 feet above hydrant or box.

(E) Installation Into Ground
1) Create a hole in ground 12 inches deep and 2 inches wide.
2) Place a 12 inch length of 1-1/12" PVC pipe into ground so that top of pipe barely extends above ground surface.
3) Back fill against PVC pipe and compact soil.
4) Slide snow pole into pipe.
5) Snow pole should extend no more than 6 feet above ground.

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