Compressor™ Attenuator

  • Passed all required NCHRP-350 TL-3 Tests - FHWA Approval Pending
  • Compressor is a self recoverable attenuator designed to take repeated impacts without any additional recovery procedures and with minimal or no repairs
  • Overall length 21' 3" - Attenuator Module/Effective length 16' 6"
  • Delivered assembled and ready to install - eliminates on-site assembly
  • Bright powder coated yellow solid steel Uni-BaseT requires only 10 bolts to secure the Compressor to the pavement
  • Compressor's assembled design combined with the Uni-BaseT construction makes job site installation fast, easy and safe- one crew can safely install several units in one day
  • Compressor's specially formulated attenuator modules are injection molded from HDPE plastic and are designed to more efficiently absorb energy in a shorter distance
  • Attenuator modules are pre-flattened to provide more consistent results after repeated impacts
  • Compressor's telescoping ultra high strength steel side panels re-direct side impacts with minimal damage to attenuator modules or panels