The Sure-Lite complete with The Sure-dock is an unparalleled illuminating system for loading docks and other hazardous high traffic areas and are manufactured with high quality materials to provide years of trouble, maintenance, and service free operation.

A Cost-Effective, worthwhile investment, with the lowest lifetime ownership cost.The most inexpensive way to feel Protected, Safe, & Secure against catastrophic accidents due to poor visibility and or miscommunication between the truck driver and dock attendant.

. Illumination life of up to 100,000hrs (10 years) of continuous use.
. LED lights use 30% less energy than traditional incandescent systems.

. Eliminate costly service/maintenance repairs. There is no need to replace bulbs or lenses and the units will not pit, rust or corrode.
. Control entry to parking garages, loading docks, parking lot entrances and exists, or any high traffic area with highly visible (day or night) non-glare LED lights.

Increase safety by warning workers and drivers of hazardous situations.

Units Consist of a ½" thick, black, stress relieved, sanitized HDP (High Density Polyethylene) panel core with all Non-glare LED lights which have a 30º viewing angle, making them highly visible day or night. Recessed lights on the panel face make the lights virtually indestructible, and the low profile panel design ensures impact resistance.

Sure Lites

. Control entry to parking garages, loading dock areas and drive-thru.
. Parking lot entrances and exits or any high traffic areas.
. Guide trucks backing into loading docks.
. Warn workers and drivers of hazardous situations.

. LED's provide up to 100,000 hours or 10 years of continuous use.
. LED's provide a high quality light with no glare.
. Uses 30% less energy then conventional incandescent guide light units.
. Recessed LED's are shock, vibration and temperature proof and produce no heat.
. Service/Maintenance free. No need to replace bulbs or lenses.
. Will not rust, pit or corrode.

. Operating and storage temperatures range from -40ºC to +85ºC.
. Embedded wiring on the back of the panel make the lights moisture, water and weather resistant.
. Each light fixture includes a 15' long wiring cable and requires 12V or 24V AC, 0.2A. (must specify)
. Pre-drilled mounting holes provide easy installation.
Look at Stop & Go Lights.